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  • Bolivia
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    26 Jan 2015 - In 2015, authorities target natural gas and crude/condensate production of 58.4Mm3/d and 62'280b/d compared with last year's 60.2Mm3/d and 63'060b/d.
  • Norway
    Permit Blocks 33/6 & 34/4 - PL 375 B
    26 Jan 2015 - PSA granted Suncor consent to drill explo well 34/4-14 S & A. Drilling is planned to begin late Jan 2015 & last 154 days, depending on whether a discovery is made. Suncor will use the semi Borgland Dolphin.
  • United Kingdom
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Tax & Legislation
    26 Jan 2015 - The government is being accused of using an infrastructure bill to rush through changes to the trespass laws that would allow companies to frack under people’s homes without permission. The bill includes provisions under which a drilling company would not need agreement with all relevant landowners to obtain rights of access.
  • Ukraine
    Permit Makeevskoye (Makeyevskoye) (Makeyvskoye)
    25 Jan 2015 - At M-16 well, after a small acid wash (approx. 6 bbl) designed to test the Fm’s reactivity to the acid, well initially flowed at186 Mcf/d before declining to 100 Mcf/d. An acid frac’ is now being designed.
  • Iran
    Gas Plant Bidboland 2
    24 Jan 2015 - Gas delivery to Bidboland gas refinery stood at 6.29Bm3 during the first 9 months of current Iranian calendar year, up by 16% against similar period last year.
  • Kuwait
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    24 Jan 2015 - Kuwait will spend $100B on oil projects in the next 5 years to modernise the sector & increase production.
  • Iraq
    Field Tawke (Taoki) (Tauki)
    23 Jan 2015 - Genel was owed $230M by the KRG at the end of 2014 for its share of oil exported from the Taq Taq and Tawke fields, but remains confident that payments will continue through 2015 .
  • Poland
    Pipeline Swinoujscie to Czech Republic, Slovakia & Ukraine
    23 Jan 2015 - The Ukranian prime minister hopes that a feasibility study for a 110km gas pipeline interconnector that will allow the import of 8Bm3 of gas from Poland to Ukraine will be ready by Jul 2015. An MoU was signed in Dec 2014 that calls for Ukraine's Ukrtransgaz and Poland’s Gaz System to collaborate in integrating the pipeline networks of the 2 countries.