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  • Kuwait / Saudi Arabia (Neutral Zone - NZ) JDZ
    Gas Plant Al-Khafji
    19 Oct 2014 - The onshore gas gathering plant reportedly needs to be repaired after a gas leak and that the repairs could take around six weeks. However, the Kuwaitis have refused to allow a shutdown for repairs because of their gas shortfall during the summer. As the plant gathers the gas from all onshore facilities in the Neutral Zone, it would be required to shut down the whole area during the repairs, unless the gas was flared.
  • Kuwait
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    19 Oct 2014 - Kufpec, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corp, has launched a $1B loan into syndication.
  • Saudi Arabia
    Petrochemical Plant Sadara Chemical Complex
    19 Oct 2014 - Work is progressing well & the complex would be operational in 2015. Considerable progress has been made at the complex with 70% of the work already completed.
  • Iran
    Field South Pars Stage 11 & 12
    18 Oct 2014 - Final scenarios for the operation of Phase 12 are being discussed with onshore and offshore contractors.
  • India
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    18 Oct 2014 - Indian refiners will pay $500M to Iran, the second installment in an interim deal that allows Tehran to recover part of overseas frozen oil revenues that are payments for oil. Indian refiners together owe about $6B to Iran.
  • Saudi Arabia
    Field Khurais (Khoreis) (Kurais)
    18 Oct 2014 - Khurais & Manifa projects have the most recoverable reserves among the world’s top 100 upstream developments, with about 19.4Bboe & 13.7Bboe, respectively.
  • Saudi Arabia
    *Country Info *Special Events
    18 Oct 2014 - A "limited fire" broke out on a subsidiary oil pipeline in eastern Saudi Arabia on 18 Oct 2014 after assailants fired shots at a security patrol.
  • Sudan North
    Permit Block 26 D/E (formerly Block 7)
    17 Oct 2014 - State Petroleum Overseas has retained Chapman Petroleum Engineering to prepare an NI 51-101 report