Latest News

  • New Zealand
    Field Pohokura
    19 Sep 2014 - The owners of the field are back in court 3 years after trying to reach an out-of-court resolution to end their feud. The field has been the subject of repeated lawsuits over the years involving Todd Energy vs Shell & OMV. Todd has argued that Shell & OMV withheld gas from the market from 2002 - 2009 to keep wholesale prices high.
  • *International
    Acquisition / Merger ? / Tangiers Petroleum
    19 Sep 2014 - Tangiers Petroleum has advised that it is proposing to raise $1.2M of capital through the issue of 200M shares.
  • Malaysia
    Gas Plant Bintulu MLNG (MLNG Satu) (MLNG Dua) (MLNG Tiga)
    19 Sep 2014 - Shell has begun the process of handing over to Petronas a suite of offshore facilities associated with the PSC that expires in 8 months. It includes Dua and Tiga LNG plants, B11, B12, G7, M1, M3, M4 and Shallow Clastics producing fields, D12, F29 and Laila under development with 12 surface platforms, a subsea pipeline network of inter-field and export lines.
  • Malaysia
    Field Bertam
    19 Sep 2014 - West Prospero is currently at Bertam drilling development wells.
  • India
    Field Bassein East (Vasai East)
    19 Sep 2014 - ONGC has relaxed bid submission deadlines for the Pipeline Replacement-4, Daman development and Vasai East additional development projects by 3 weeks, giving more time for contractors to prepare bids. Vasai East bids are now likely to be submitted by end of September but could be extended further to Oct.
  • Tanzania
    Permit Kilosa - Kilombero
    19 Sep 2014 - Polaris International is set to begin a second 2D seismic survey later this month. Some 380 line km of the total survey lines will be acquired, while the remaining 60 km has been “reserved” in order to be shot over potential leads.
  • Canada
    Gas Plant Discovery LNG
    19 Sep 2014 - Quicksilver Resources reported a fire on 10 Sept at an isolated area on site currently undergoing demolition. Clean-up efforts are underway.
  • Azerbaijan
    Lease Sales *Lease Sales
    19 Sep 2014 - Petronas has signed an MoU with Socar covering Petronas' probable entry into Azerbaijan o&g sector.