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  • Brazil
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    3 Jul 2015 - Auction for Brazilian energy contracts from gas-fired thermoelectric projects have failed to attract a single bid. Developers had registered 6 projects tot 1.07GW for the reserve auction, according to power regulator Aneel.
  • Bolivia
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    3 Jul 2015 - Export markets are expected to continue as the principal offtakers of Bolivian gas, up 8.63% to 52.1Mm3/d in 2015-19, although Bolivian domestic gas use will lead projected growth, up 50.2% to 18.3Mm3/d.
  • Russia
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    3 Jul 2015 - The Arctic shelf blocks in the Kara Sea have the most prospects, with potential reserves of more than 90Bb barrels [of which 18Bb has been extracted], followed by fields in the Barents Sea & Pechora Sea, where there are reserves of 55Bb [30Bb extracted]. In East Siberian Sea [20Bb] & Barents Sea oil fields [20Bb; 5Bb already extracted] shared between Russia & Norway.
  • Russia - Siberia
    Field Russkoye South (Yuzhno-Russkoye) (Yuzhno Russkoye) (Yuzhno-Russiky)
    3 Jul 2015 - At a meeting between Gazprom & BASF, special consideration was given to the development of the field, which produced a tot of 177Bm3 of gas since commissioning.
  • Russia - Sakhalin
    Gas Plant Sakhalin 1 LNG (Khabarovsk )
    3 Jul 2015 - Rosneft's court appeal to gain access to the trans-Sakhalin gas pipeline for its planned Sakhalin 1 LNG terminal has been rejected, affirming a decision made by a Russian court in February. Rosneft is now considering other sites for the terminal.
  • Brazil
    Pipeline Route 3 Pipeline
    3 Jul 2015 - According to Petrobras, about 80% of the tot investment 2015-19, or $5B, will be invested in completing the Route 2 and Route 3 pipelines. Construction of Route 3 is scheduled to begin next year.
  • *International
    Offshore Unit P-68 (P68)
    3 Jul 2015 - Delivery of the P-68 remains on track for 2017, as hull construction is advancing at a fast pace in Asia.
  • Australia
    Offshore Unit Browse FLNG
    3 Jul 2015 - Contract for the construction of the decks of the 3 FLNGs, will be signed in 2H16.