Latest News

  • Iraq
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    1 Oct 2014 - Gulf Keystone is still awaiting payments for some of its crude exported via trucks through Turkey and has started diverting more supply to the domestic market. As of the end of Aug 2014, the company said it was owed $35M in crude export sales.
  • Indonesia
    Permit Seram
    1 Oct 2014 - With the impact of new wells, production from the Oseil oilfield and surrounding structures was ahead of budget at 944'968b at an average daily rate of 2589 bopd.
  • *International
    Acquisition / Merger ? / KRX Energy
    1 Oct 2014 - Lion Energy has increased it shareholding in KRX Energy from 30.77% to 100%.
  • Mexico
    *Country Info *Regional Drilling
    1 Oct 2014 - Horizontally drilled wells represent less than 50 of the about 30'000 wells drilled in Mexico.
  • Bolivia
    Permit Huacareta
    1 Oct 2014 - The socio-environmental management office of energy ministry has concluded the consultation and participation process for seismic project Huacareta Área Sur. Ministry said it signed a validation agreement with 52 Tarija department communities. BG plans to invest some $23.5M on the 2D shoot.
  • Nicaragua
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Tax & Legislation
    1 Oct 2014 - National assembly has approved a bill introduced by the executive to reform hydrocarbons E&P law 286. Changes include extending E&P periods, and allowing state company Petronic to have a 10% stake in future contracts. The initiative now goes to President.
  • Australia
    Permit EP(A) 184 (EP 184) (EP-194)
    1 Oct 2014 - Operator has completed drilling 4 exploration core holes in the St Vidgeon region to determine if the shale-bearing Fms contain petroleum source rocks of sufficient quality to generate potentially recoverable hydrocarbon reserves. The company said the program established the presence of a number of important intervals of Palaeo-Proterozoic age organic carbon-rich shale.
  • Falkland Islands
    Field Darwin
    1 Oct 2014 - B&S is working to identify well locations for Darwin East and evaluating nearby prospects.